Resolutions Underway

So it’s almost halfway through January and I’m doing okay on my resolutions so far.

Design more things for fun and/or for myself is my current focus. I’ve been posting small screenshots to Dribbble of my portfolio site’s redesign and I’m really excited about it. I expect the process to be very fulfilling—I’m learning and taking advantage of newer coding technologies (HTML5, CSS3, LESS, WordPress 3.0) and even designing/developing my own grid system that I intend to use on all my future designs for web. If I find it works out successfully for me, I will consider releasing it to the public! (It’s based off existing grid systems like 960gs and Less Framework.)

Take more photos and learn how to use a camera properly is my current secondary focus, and I talked with Jess a little bit about it today. One of her resolutions is also to take more photos, so she’s doing the Photo-a-Day 365 project. We talked about lenses, and she recommended a family-owned photography/camera store here in SF that I could go to peruse and see about a lens cap replacement for my new camera (Louie lost the one that came with it during our Xmas trip to Disneyland). I think my next lens purchase will be a zoom lens, and then after that I’ll see how I feel about getting a macro lens. So far I haven’t bought either. Instead, I purchased some Cellphone Lenses which I’m excited to play around with (and I got Jess a pair for Xmas, too) and a Glif so I can mount my iPhone on a tripod. I’m just waiting now for both items to get to me, they shipped out today. (I’m also considering this super cute camera strap. Thoughts?)

Next resolutions I’m going to tackle are:
Take belly dance or other type of dance lessons weekly—I just have to sign up for classes. I’ve already found a studio, Fat Chance Belly Dance that has really good reviews from Yelp and one of my coworker’s recommended it to me because his wife used to go there.
Be in better control of my Diabetes—Gotta start calling doctors this week for appointments! *cringe* I hate finding new doctors.

In other news, it looks like I’ll be going to Disneyland again next month for 2 days over President’s Day weekend. My mom will be in town, and she’s covering the rental car and hotel room so all we have to worry about are the park tickets! We seriously couldn’t turn that down. 😉

Speaking of Disneyland, I’m still in the process of editing the photos from our Xmas trip (we took SO many!) but rest assured that I will post them when I’m done. (They’ll be up on my Flickr account, too.)

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  • Reply Carolynne January 15, 2011 at 7:26 pm

    Hey, almost a free trip to Disney?! I would never say no to that. It must be great living so close now. How many hours is it to drive? Or do you fly?

    Good for you for keeping up with your resolutions. I am keeping up with mine too and it feels great 😀

    • Reply Erica January 16, 2011 at 1:59 pm

      It’s about an 7 hour drive from San Francisco, more if there’s traffic. Last time we went we took a plane, and it was a 45 minute flight.

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