Finding an Endo

Finding a new Endocrinologist for my Diabetes care is actually much harder than one would think. I should have done this months ago, obviously, but due to my excessive laziness and hatred of switching doctors I avoided it. Now I’m down to a bottle of insulin, so it was crucial that I get an appointment ASAP. Why that’s so difficult, I’m not sure why. So, I printed out an excessive list of doctors and phone numbers from my health insurance provider’s website and got to calling.

It didn’t go very well, sadly. Originally I wanted a female doctor because I feel more comfortable with them (don’t ask me why). But all the female doctors on my list didn’t have available appointments till May at the earliest, and the one I specifically wanted to visit didn’t have any until June. So, obviously, that wasn’t going to work. Plus the fact that the group requires a referral, so if I wanted to make an appointment there I’d have to get one first. Annoying. (So later I will have to find a Primary Care Physician to refer me there.)

Anyway, I did end up getting an appointment for the 23rd, which is in ~2 weeks. (A bottle of insulin lasts me about a month so I should be good until then.) The doctor is male, but I can’t really be choosy at the moment. If I end up liking him, I’ll stick with him. If not, I can go doctor-shopping again in the future. At least I can rest easy knowing I won’t run out of my insulin before the appointment.

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