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Things I Miss(ed)

I’m back from my just-over-a-week-long visit to New York and have realized that San Francisco is indeed growing on me, I actually missed quite a few things about it! But I will still always miss certain things about NYC, too. As a given, missing family & friends is assumed in this list post. 😛

What I Missed from San Francisco

The Weather: Part of the reason I agreed to move to California in the first place was because of this—No snow? Yes, please! But, in this case, NY was extremely hot and humid, almost 90 degrees every day and daunting humidity forced Louie and I to wear shorts, tanktops/tshirts every day. I got a sunburn at the baseball game, for example, and the sweat from my legs was so bad I was almost sliding off the seat. (Gross, right?) In SF, the weather is between 60-70 during the summer and 50-60 in the winter. The absolute coldest it gets is around 40 and hottest is around 80. And the humidity is low!

My Morning Mocha: There’s a coffee place 4 blocks from home (2 blocks from work) where I go every morning before heading into the office to get a mocha latte. They use a lot of chocolate and top it all off with delicious chocolate whipped cream, so my coffee ends up tasting more like chocolate mouse. Delicious! I couldn’t find a comparable mocha in NY, however, though honestly I didn’t try very hard.

Lack of Commute: While staying at home while visiting NYC is cost-effective, it adds 1+ hours commuting into Midtown Manhattan, what we New Yorkers refer to as “the city.” (As in, “Are you going to the city?” means “Are you going into Manhattan?”) While I don’t mind the commute on it’s own (nap time!) I do mind greatly when it corresponds to subway construction and/or maintenance which leads to trains not running their full route and therefore adding annoyance and time to my ride. Of particular nuisance was the 5 train this past week, which was not running at all past E180th Street in the Bronx! So we had to get off there, transfer to the 2, and then at Grand Concourse get back off the 2 and transfer to the 4 so we could go down the east side of Manhattan… only to then find out the 4 was running local! It took us 2 hours to get to Union Square from my neighborhood in the Bronx, which is absolutely ridiculous when it takes that long to get from where I lived to JFK on a normal day. /sigh

My Apartment: This is probably pretty obvious, I missed sleeping in a real bed (we were on a pullout couch in NY) and I missed our cat. But, most of all, I missed the feeling of being “at home” in my own place. Thus I realized I actually think of San Francisco as home, along with New York being home. I guess I’m officially bicoastal.

What I Miss About New York

Bagels: I totally forgot to buy a bunch of bagels from H&H to bring back to SF, and now I’m kicking myself for it. Having a hard time finding a good bagel out here, any recommendations? (I haven’t tried Noah’s New York Bagels yet because there isn’t one around where I live, sadly.)

Cabs Being Yellow: The crazy cab colors in SF still bother me a bit, especially the “Royal Cab” colors… red and poop brown. Bleh!

No Tax on Clothing Items Under $100: Since it’s considered a “necessity,” NYC doesn’t tax any single clothing item that’s under $100. I would save so much money this way, but alas. On the bright side, Portland is close enough to fly/take-a-train/bus to and they don’t have sales tax on anything! (Also my friend Allison is moving there next yearish so I’ll have someplace to stay when I visit.)

Dunkin’ Donuts: The only chainy doughnut place I know of in SF is Happy Donuts, and they’re always attached to something weird… like a Louisiana Fried Chicken or Chinese food place, which seems really sketchy to me so I won’t eat there. ><' In NY I used to get Dunkin' Donuts every morning for breakfast.Standing “on line” instead of “in line”: It’s how we say it in NYC, and I refuse to change for the rest of the world. DEAL WITH IT. /cc Louie.

Museums: The best in the world, nothing in SF really compares. I was extremely sad I wasn’t able to get to the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met before it closed, but there’s a video walkthrough online (and I mean the internet, not the line at the grocery store).

My Grandma’s Cooking: …and who wouldn’t miss such a thing? It’s delicious.

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  • Reply Carolynne August 18, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    I never knew about the “on line” thing. I have never heard that before. 🙂 I think it’s really cool that you are starting to miss SF when you go away. It really is home for you now.

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