Last night I had my 2nd haircut at the Barber Lounge, which would also be my 2nd haircut since I’ve been living in San Francisco… and guess what? I have another appointment in 2 weeks! :O

Those of you that know me well will know that I have paranoia when it comes to getting my hair cut—ever since my grandma once took me to her hairdresser to get a “stylish pixie cut”—I had photos of what I wanted and everything—the summer before high school and the hairdresser gave me a bob instead with one side shorter than the other… Yeah, you get the picture. I had to wait the summer for my hair to grow out and then get it reshaped before high school started, and it was still not what I wanted. Bleh.

Since then I have avoided getting my hair cut like the plague. I don’t remember how many haircuts I got in high school but it was not many… and in college I got my hair cut all of twice in 4 years. Yeah, that’s kind of bad, I know. And I’ve grown accustomed and fond of the length of my hair!

When I moved to San Francisco I was scared of finding a new hair dresser. I didn’t want someone who was going to just cut my hair as if it were straight, which is the epitome of my hair nightmares besides the one I lived through pre-HS. I love my curls, and I wanted a hair stylist who would love them too!

Jess suggested Barber Lounge to me numerous times, actually, but I was trying to find a salon that did this “deva cut,” which is a method of cutting curly hair that I wanted to try and BL didn’t offer it explicitly. So I searched, and put off making an appointment for over a year. After realizing I’d waited so long and seeing how ratty the ends of my hair looked—all split, of course—I made an appointment. And I have to say, I am very glad I did!

My hair looks so much healthier now. My hair stylist has the coolest name ever (Lena Lightfoot) and has hot pink hair. <3 We have fun conversations about how much my cat sheds and how I used to LARP in college while she does my hair. Right now my cut is long layers, angled a bit in the front so the front-most ends are shorter and made into a V-shape in the back. I love it so far. My hair is also still past my shoulder blades. 🙂The next appointment is for my first chemical process. It's for a "section perm" for the top layer of my hair, which in the years since growing it back out from that pixie-cut-gone-wrong has refused to curl like the rest of my hair does. Instead, it sort of haphazardly falls mostly straight and frizzes like no tomorrow. I have solved this problem thus far by just pinning that section of my hair back with a hair clip, which looks totally fine from the front but from the back all the frizzy hair is clipped together and it looks like a hot mess. But at least I don't have to look at it. 😛 Anyway, the section perm is supposed to help curl that hair. Yay! I'm excited. Though I don't know how my hair will react to it, either, so kinda scared too.After that I'm thinking about what I want to do with my hair next. I kind of want to try something fun, bright, and unexpected, like hot pink and purple hair dye! I've never dyed my hair, and honestly I probably never will dye my entire mane until I start growing grey because I love my natural hair color to death. However, I'm totally open to dying the ENDS of my hair. (That way it won't affect my roots and if I don't like it I can just cut it off.)I saw this photo of Lauren Conrad with her ends died in pink, blue, and green. I just want to do pink & purple because I think blue & green won’t look good in my hair. Whatcha think? It’s ombre-style so it’d be a gradient starting at the ends.

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