Annual After-Christmas Sickness

It seems that every year, around this time after Christmas, I get sick. Last year I straight-up had the flu for 2 weeks. It sucked! Thankfully it isn’t that bad this year (so far anyway) especially considering I forgot to get my flu shot (again, this is what happened last year too). But still, augh.

I have a sore throat and a touch of IBS, probably due to not eating very healthily over the past few days, plus I think I have the beginnings of a UTI due to holding it in on the plane for over 2 hours on the way back to SF. I just didn’t feel like getting out of my seat on that first flight (which was about an hour and a half long) and I didn’t have enough time to go at the Denver airport on our layover because our first flight was running 40 minutes late and the 2nd flight was being held for us to be able to make the transfer. Yeah. Then, of course, I had to wait some more on the 2nd flight for us to (1) takeoff—which took way longer than it should have due to a runway change—and (2) reach cruising altitude so the fasten-seatbelt signs could go off. Needless to say I held that in more than a little too long. :/

Right now I’m just trying to guzzle a lot of water and go to the bathroom frequently so it doesn’t get worse. Fingers crossed, I don’t want to have to go on antibiotics.

As for the sore throat, not sure what’s causing that. I don’t have a fever and I’m not coughing a whole lot, just occasionally when my throat gets extra dry. Unfortunately drinking cold water seems to be irritating it. Oh well.

Hope you’re all feeling better than I am and had a good holiday.

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