Figuring Out My Personal Style: Color Palette

As most girls do, I love shopping. I love it a lot, and thus I have a lot of clothes. In fact, I have an entire 3-door closet (sliding, sadly not a walk in) and a large 8-drawer dresser full of clothes. (Which doesn’t even include my 4-drawer unmentionables dresser!) The problem, though, is that I still have a lot of clothes that I’ve had since college (in some cases even high school, *cringe*) and I honestly am over the jeans-and-t-shirt look. Sure, it’s comfortable, but I feel like I’m still in college when I wear it. I want to get rid of most of my t-shirts, keeping only the ones I really love and replacing them with tops that I feel suit my personality and my vision of my “personal style” more.

Personal Style—It’s a word that haunts some people because they feel they can’t decide what they want or stick to one look! It’s hard, seriously, figuring out not only what you like (and don’t like) but also what works with your body type and coloring (skin/hair/eyes). (Same goes for figuring out what makeup looks right too, actually.)

Since college I’ve done a little note-taking and have started to flesh out my style more and more. I’ve decided it can be classified as “edgy but still feminine.” For example, I like pairing floral dresses with corset belts or military-inspired boots. I also really like vintage/hand-made/eclectic jewelry, which I think accents my wardrobe nicely. And I’m also trying to move away from wearing too much black…

Which brings me to color palettes. I recently read this article on figuring out your wardrobe’s color palettes, and I realized it was a brilliant thing to do. This way, when shopping, you can figure out whether or not to buy something quicker based on whether or not it fits in your palette and also avoid buying things you’ll never wear because—despite whether or not you love the piece—it doesn’t go with anything else you own or it only works with one particular outfit.

Here are my colors:

  • Neutrals: black, navy/dark blue (think denim), all shades of grey
  • Base: Purples, Pinks, Reds, Greens, Teals, Deep Blues. Mostly jewel-tones. Dusty shades are okay, but not pastels.
  • Accents: Copper, Silver, Gold, White, Ivory, Cream, anything considered neon.
  • Try to Avoid: Oranges, Yellows, and anything pastel.

The reason I chose to avoid oranges and yellows is because I have cooler toned skin and orange/yellow are very warm-toned (unlike red or pink which can have cool undertones depending on the shade), plus my hair is red and I feel like wearing oranges detracts from it. Likewise with pastels, I’m very pale and I don’t want to wear colors too close to my skin tone. I’d rather offset the fairness of my skin with dark or bright colors.

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