Day of Snacks

October 30th: Day 3, London -> Lancashire / Greater Manchester

We took a National Rail train up to the northern part of England where we’d be staying for a few days with Matt‘s parents. As both Louie and I were in the wedding party (he on the groom’s side and myself on the bride’s) being there early was a requirement. (Louie needed to be there for the Stag Do!)

However, before boarding our train we had breakfast with our AirBNB host at a place called Brown’s where I was able to order a french toast (despite that not being common in England, or so I am told). Louie had Eggs Benedict but his eggs weren’t runny enough to his liking. Then our host took us to M&S and Tesco to get snacks/candy for the train… which ended up being: 2 Cadbury chocolate bars, 1 bag of chocolate covered strawberries, 1 tin of chocolate covered macadamia nuts, 2 scones with strawberry jam & cream, and I think something else as well that I cannot recall.

Irn Bru Bottle

On the train, Louie discovered he could buy Irn Bru (pictured above), which is the most popular drink in Scotland. It’s a bright orange color and tastes like children’s cough medicine to me but Louie said it tasted like cotton candy to him. I just stuck with Diet Coke.

After arriving in Lancashire, Matt took us to Asda where we ended up buying even more snacks! (Like we needed more snacks.) Louie discovered the crisps aisle and practically had his jaw on the floor at how many flavor choices there are… things like “hamburger” or “shrimp cocktail”! Pringles alone had their own top-to-bottom shelf:

an entire shelf dedicated to Pringles flavors!

Our spoils consisted of Jaffa Cakes, two tins of Pringles (one “hamburger” flavor and the other “smokey bacon”), Skittles (the purple one here is black currant flavored instead of grape!), Maltesers (a tastier version of Whoppers, basically), and Magical Elves crackling chocolate candy (which pops in your mouth like pop rocks but it’s chocolate, really bizarre!).

Spoils from Asda

We arrived back to Matt’s parents to a delicious British roast for supper! Roast chicken, green beans, carrots, roasted potatoes, parsnips, and white wine (which I awesomely spilled all over myself). Afterwards we went to see Skyfall in IMAX… because what’s more British than seeing a James Bond movie while in Britain?

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  • Reply Carolynne November 8, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    Look at all those pringles! I love the treats you got to try 😀

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