Nail of the Day: Laced Up

I’ve owned a box of Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips for about a year, and never once used them. Something about the idea of stickers on my fingernails sounded unappealing, and I assumed they wouldn’t last very long or would be annoying to apply.

However, thanks to a bought of insomnia and boredom at 2 am about 5 nights ago, I finally decided to make use of these. I have the pattern Laced Up applied onto my nails currently, and I have to say I’m mildly impressed with their longevity so far. Granted, yes, they have chipped now—I didn’t put a top coat on it at all, so, really, it’s about the same as normal polish is for me sans top coat—and I didn’t put them on perfectly straight or perfectly covering my nail, but I’ll forgive myself that transgression since it was my first time attempting nail stickers and it was, after all, the middle of the night.

Instagram of my nails

Anyway, I like them so far! I’ll have to try some other brands, I have heard good things about the Incoco ones. I also pledged some money to a nerdy/geeky nail wraps Kickstarter so I’ still waiting for those to come in, too. (I picked the galaxy nail wrap, of course!)

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