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Things People Like That I Don’t

I was inspired by Allison’s post, since I’m the type of person who has no problem writing/complaining about things I don’t like. Also, people are weird. We all have weird tastes. What one person loves, another person can totally hate. I once met someone who didn’t like chocolate! (I know, hard to believe. I was shocked, myself.)

I’ve often been asked “How can you not like *insert-thing-I-don’t-like-here*‽” Mostly, it’s food-related. And I’ll admit, I’m definitely picky when it comes to what I eat. But I don’t understand why any thing can be considered so shocking to dislike. To each their own, no? Here’s some things I’ve been exclaimed to about:


Let’s talk about this font. Yes, it’s neutral. Yes, it can go with everything. But do you know why it goes with everything? Because it’s fucking boring, that’s why. But at least it’s better than Arial, amirite?


Just… no thanks. I’d rather drink wine or some fruity cocktail!

Reality TV

I honestly don’t understand how people can watch this mindless stuff. But I suppose it’s like watching a train wreck, you just can’t look away even though it is this terrible, horrible thing.

Quentin Tarantino Films

There, I said it. I didn’t enjoy Kill Bill. Pulp Fiction was okay. Inglorious Bastards is the only one of his films that I’ve seen and liked enough to watch it a second time. Granted, I haven’t seen Django Unchained… But I also don’t have any desire to.

Purposefully Stupid Movies

Examples: Hangover (and all it’s sequels), Superbad, Anchorman. I just don’t enjoy this kind of humor.

South Park, Family Guy, etc.

And while we’re on the topic of purposefully stupid things, these TV shows. I can count the episodes of South Park that I’ve remotely liked on one hand.

Uggs & Toms

Ugly shoes are ugly. Though I will at least admit that they are comfortable. (I actually do own a pair of Uggs… that I use as house slippers. That’s excusable, right?)


Raw fish‽ Really? I don’t even like cooked fish.


Or as my coworker likes to call them: “urban food logs.” There is just way too much going on in that tortilla… and it’s often bigger than my head. No me gusta.

Other Foods I Don’t Like

Bananas, watermelon, red meat (yes, this includes hamburgers), olives (the texture, not the taste), mushrooms (again, texture! I like mushroom sauces), kale, sriracha sauce, most sandwiches that have way too many ingredients (just give me some meat & cheese and I’m good to go), tomatoes, mayonnaise, mustard, eggs.

I’m sure there’s more, but if I continued this list would probably take me days to complete! But at least I’m not as bad as @DanHigbieHates.

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  • Reply Carolynne November 7, 2013 at 12:02 pm

    Well there are a lot of those things that I don’t like either: beer, reality tv, Quentin Tarantino Films, South Park, Family Guy, etc., Uggs & Toms and some of the foods you mentioned. dBut definitely yes to each their own!! Not everyone is going to be the same or else that would make life so boring!!!

  • Reply Sammy November 8, 2013 at 9:37 am

    I’m right there with you on the Helvetica font… it’s just not my cup of tea. Neither are any of those stupid movies you listed under your stupid movie category (except Anchorman, I actually didn’t mind that movie, but the Hangover movies, Pineapple Express, American Pie, all the oversexed stupid movies, no thanks!).

    I used to like sushi until it started making me sick. So yeah, it’s definitely something I agree with you on, as well.

  • Reply Allison @ With Faith and Grace July 22, 2014 at 9:15 pm

    And this is why we’re friends! Pretty much everything you listed I also hate. Except I do like sushi and all the food stuff you listed (except kale — I hate kale). I don’t mind burritos, but I hardly ever order them.

    • Reply Erica July 23, 2014 at 12:42 pm

      Funny you should mention kale, as it’s starting to grow on me. /gasp!

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