Malignant Narcissism

Now & Then

Liz from encouraged me to do this tag on Twitter, so of course all blame for rests on her head. 😉 I liked this tag because it’s an interesting and yet simple reflection on how much a person can and does change over time, plus it’s fun to see what hasn’t changed! I’m comparing/contrasting myself from high school with myself today.


Then: I hate everything.
Now: Mostly positive outlook on life.

Crushing On

Then: Orlando Bloom.
Now: No one in particular, besides the aforementioned in my teenage years I don’t really do “celebrity crushes.”


Then: Become a best-selling author, ballerina, or actress.
Now: Live a lifetime of adventure.


Then: Long, but flat-ironed straight.
Now: Still long, but with my au naturale curls.


Then: Reading. Making websites.
Now: Er… Still reading and making websites. RPGs. Letterpress.

Listening To

Then: Progressive Rock, mostly Rush.
Now: Still mostly progressive rock, but I’ve discovered more great bands since then.


Then: Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings. Teen’s magazines. Lots and lots of blogs.
Now: Fantasy, SciFi and Contemporary Fiction. Memoirs. Blogs. Twitter. 😉


Then: Super goth/punk-y. Fishnet arm “warmers.” Concert t-shirts. ALWAYS heavy black eyeliner.
Now: Still edgy, for sure, but I wouldn’t identify as either goth or punk. Lots more color. Winged eyeliner.


Then: Degrassi. CSI. Whatever was on Nickelodeon. Star Trek reruns.
Now: Battlestar Galactica. Doctor Who. Downton Abbey. CSI. Game of Thrones. House of Cards. Mad Men.

So it seems my taste in music hasn’t changed much at all, nor have my hobbies changed much. I tag Carolynne, Allison, and anyone else who wants to!

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