Who is this Erica person, anyway?

An Erica SelfieI’m Erica Schoonmaker. I work as a web/UI designer by day and dabble in letterpress printing by night. I currently reside in San Francisco, where I live in a studio apartment with my boyfriend and my two cats. I am originally from New York City, and I’m a very proud native New Yorker—fair warning! I am a Type-1 Dia-bad-ass and wear an insulin pump.

…and what is this place?

Erica Explores is my lifestyle blog, my little space on the web where I write about the things I’m passionate about. Here you’ll find my adventures in traveling, larping, and life in general. I also sometimes post about fashion and beauty.

Can I stalk you on social media?

I can be found in other places on the internet, too: Twitter, Goodreads, Last.fm, Flickr, Instagram, & Tumblr.