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Remember about a year and a half ago when I said I wanted to do a huge closet purge? Well, it took me forever to get around it because other things came up that distracted me and I’m the worst procrastinator when it comes to cleaning/organizing. But I finally did it! Or, well, at least I got close to finishing it anyway.

I got rid of a total of SIX garbage bags full of clothing that I no longer wear. Most things were very old, no longer fit, or had missing buttons, holes, or stains. My closet feels surprisingly empty now. In fact, I was able to clean out my entire hall closet and let my boyfriend have it to himself. Previously he was hanging some of his clothes in my closet, which was not the most efficient and there was barely any room in there any way. To do so I had to move all my jackets and coats into the back of my main closet but with all the extra room, I still have space! It’s so nice.

I’ve tackled most of the dresser, too. There’s still some things I need to go through, like the pile of clothes on top of my dresser, my lingerie chest (which has my underwear, bras, tights, and socks), my makeup, and my jewelry collection. The latter is kind of spread out all over the apartment right now in random places, so I also need to figure out how I want to store it and purchase whatever things I need for that solution. I am thinking of some clear stacking jewelry drawers for on top of my dresser for the items I wear the most, and then something for inside my closet for the things I don’t wear as often. For makeup, I’ve already cleaned off my vanity the other day but I still need to actually go through my makeup collection and purge things. I’m hoping I have enough things that I could sell to Glambot or something.

Speaking of selling things, I ended up not doing any of those online consignment things… I just had TOO MUCH STUFF to get rid of, and sadly the very easiest way to get rid of everything at once was to load it up into my boyfriend’s car and take it to Goodwill. C’est la vie.

After I’ve cleaned out all of the above, though, I know I will feel so much lighter. I already feel so from just doing the six bags of clothes! I’m not aiming to live any sort of minimalist lifestyle, but I do like the idea of downsizing to things I actually wear and use. There’s no point in keeping things that I no longer gravitate toward as I have grown and my style has evolved, but especially so if they are old (some things I’ve had since high school, why was I keeping it‽), worn out, and no longer fit.

With my hope to move to Europe within the next two years or so, downsizing in this manner is part of the process of preparing for such an endeavor. I don’t want to bring excess things with me!


Renting Sucks

I have determined that renting an apartment sucks, majorly. Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about it as I’m not ready to buy anything. (In fact, the very idea of owning a home makes me feel old. I’m not ready to be “old” yet.) But geez, why does rent have to be so ridiculous?

Louie and I live in SoMA, and I understand rent in this neighborhood isn’t cheap but come on. It went up $300 last year, and now it’s going up $500 this year! I wish it was rent-controled, but for rent control in San Francisco you need to live in a pre-1978 building, which probably isn’t going to happen for us since older buildings are (1) smaller and (2) Louie doesn’t like them anyway.

I just don’t feel like our apartment is worth that much more money. Don’t get me wrong, the location is very convenient commute-wise (I walk a few blocks) and our apartment is a decent size for the two of us (almost 700 sq feet, I think). There’s just so much I don’t like. I don’t like that we don’t have many windows and that we’re near ground level, plus we live across the street from an abandoned high rise building that blocks all the sun. So the lighting in our apartment is downright dreary, especially when the days are shorter. (When the days are longer, in the Spring/Summer, it isn’t so bad.) Speaking of the abandoned building, they have started doing construction on that in the past few months and while they seem to be making decent progress it’s no fun living across the street from an active construction zone. Louie complains that they wake him every day at 7 am. (Luckily for me, in this case, I’m a heavy sleeper.)

With all that in mind, we’re looking to move. Louie really wants a loft, so I’ve been trying to find some in our price range but they get snatched up so fast! It’s like WHOOOOSH GONE. We have an appointment today at noon to see two lofts in Potrero Hill, and I really hope we like at least one of them so we can apply for it right away. They’re both available in mid-May, which is perfect since that is exactly when our lease is up for our current place. I called to schedule the viewing last Tuesday but the real estate agent had said that one of them was already being applied for. See what I mean? WHOOOOSH!