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Dear People Who Say You Shouldn’t Move Abroad Because of Politics

With news of Supreme Court Justice Kennedy’s impending retirement, many of my American friends have more seriously and openly started considering moving out of the US. A Supreme Court stacked with conservative, Republican-picked justices is a Supreme Court that’s a danger to women, minorities, people with disabilities, Muslims, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized groups. It’s easy to see why there’s an increasing desire to move away from the United States. And, to be honest? Having done it myself, I can tell you it’s a great option. I encourage anyone who wants to move abroad to look into it. I didn’t move for political reasons, but it is as valid a reason as any.

That being said, I’ve seen some backlash in comments on social media against moving out of the US. “You should stay and fight.” “You’re a coward if you move.” “Not everyone has the privilege or the means to move.” I’d like to address these, from the perspective of someone who has taken that leap and moved abroad.

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